Hawaii Trip 2016 – Day One


Obligatory shoe shot at the airport.  I might have been feeding a hungry baby and sitting on the dirty airport floor but I didn’t care cause we were going to HAWAII!!

After months of planning and checking expedia every second day for sight seeing ideas we were off.  Were we crazy for taking a 5 year old and a 5 month old half way around the world for 8 days?  Only time would tell………….Ha!  We were SO excited!


All I can say is thank goodness we had a lovely lady give up her seat in her row so we could have a bit of stretch out room.  The boys were awesome pants and slept most of the way and if they weren’t sleeping or eating they were watching movies.  Check out the concentration on H’s face 🙂


Hours in and still smiling!

We made it!! We were tired and Hot, oh so Hot.  We dropped our bags off at our hotel and went a wandering.  Only took us about an hour to find the largest outdoor mall in the world.  How very Culbert of us!








The breeze on that rooftop bus was AMAZING, as was our first day in Hawaii! It was how I always imagined it and more.  Lots of palm trees, sunshine, blue skies and clear ocean.  and an ABC store on every corner.  We really grew to love those.

After an early dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen we all fell into bed.  Tired, Sunkissed and happy.

Day Two coming soon,

Love Lil xx


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Hello from 35023 feet.  I’m typing this post in the air you guys!  Wifi on the plane, kinda the most brilliant thing ever.  We are currently flying over Salt Lake City on our way to New York.  Originally we were supposed to be in New York now but our flight at 10.30 am was cancelled due to the weather.  You know snow, sleet and rain, all those good things.  We only found this out as we were struggling (multiple bags, tired, cranky 3 year old who wanted to lie on the floor at any opportunity) towards our gate.  Thank goodness customer service was right next to where we were ready to burst into tears.  Half an hour later we were re-booked on a flight to San Francisco and then a connecting flight to NY at 4.45!

So here we are.  Not what we expected our Travel Day to be, but we rolled with it, Got to see San Fran from the air and we will be in NY at 1am where it will be a toasty -4.  

So what have we seen so far.  The inside of LAX, which I have to say is quite dingy and dirty for one of the largest airports in the world.  A 5 minute bus trip from International to Domestic, so roads and smog.  And then San Fran from the air.  I know they are 5 hours apart but the landscape between the two is so different.  LA was really dry and in some parts looked almost desert like whereas San Fransisco is much more lush with large mountain ranges and Forests.  No Golden Gate bridge though.  Much to both Ross and My disappointment.  

It’s 6.07 LA time.  I’m about to enjoy some cheese and crackers with Ross while Gus sleeps in between us, snoring his cute, utterly exhausted little head off.

Till tomorrow.
So excited.
Love Lil xx

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Hearty Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

One of my absolute favourite meals in Winter is Pumpkin Soup.  Seriously what is better than some thick tasty soup, a dollop of sour cream and some crusty bread.  Not much in my opinion!

This recipe is really easy and the soup was ready from start to finish in about half an hour.

* 1 tbsp of oil
* 2 medium onions, diced
* 1 clove garlic, crushed
* 1 tbsp of curry powder
* 500g pumpkin, diced
* 200g sweet potato, peeled and diced
* 700ml vegetable stock
* 200ml coconut milk
* salt and pepper
* sour cream

1. Heat oil in a large saucepan and fry onion until transparent.
2. Add garlic, curry powder, pumpkin and sweet potato.  Stir and      fry for another minute.

3. Add the stock and simmer while covered for 20 minutes.
4.  Let cool a little and blend with a stick blender.
5. Return to stove and add the coconut milk but do not boil.
6. Add Salt and Pepper to taste.

We served our soup with a healthy helping of sour cream, parmesan cheese and some home made garlic bread.  Oh My Goodness!

So, So Good.  This made enough to feed 3 adults, and we froze another 4 servings for lunches/easy dinners.

Is it just me or does soup always taste better on the second day?

Love Lil xx

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My little brother got married!!

I was the proudest sister on Saturday, because my little brother Jesse got married to the love of his life, Caitlin.  It was the most beautiful day!!
My brother was the cutest groom you ever did see (excluding my husband) and Caitlin looked stunning!  The wedding was held in the Canberra Baptist Church and the reception was held at Old Parliament House, which just oozed history, and is a place I have always wanted to see.  I had such a great time with my family down in Canberra and the Gusbug got to get lots of cuddles and kisses from his Grandma and Pappy and Aunts and Uncle!! (oh, and Ross got to fly down, Happy Husband!)

It was such a pleasure to be part of Jesse and Caitlin’s wedding, and I am oh so proud of the man my baby brother has become!! Such a handsome, loving, generous guy who I have never seen so happy as I did on Saturday.  I know Mr and Mrs Rodger are going to have the best life!!

Here are a few snapshots of the most amazing day…..

Love Lil xx

P.S – We did the touristy, nerdy thing at Parliament House on Sunday. It was awesome!! Photos coming tomorrow.

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We’re celebrating!

I’m sitting here on the couch…..all alone.  This is exciting when you are a mama of a nine month old bubba boy.  Cause when your a mumma you’re never alone.  Gusbug has gone to have a sleepover with Granny and Granda, and I am waiting here for my spunky husband to get home so we can go celebrate our two year anniversary!! Excited! You bet I am!!!
Can’t believe it has been two years since this sunny,yummy day in April 2010 when I got to marry my best friend!!!!

Thanks for marrying me Baby!!! You make me happy every single day.  You are the most amazing husband.  And over the last nine months have become the MOST fantastic father.  Gus adores you…..And so do I.  I love you.

Happy Anniversary Husband.

Love Lil xx

P.S – These beautiful photos are by the oh so talented Michelle

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Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday afternoon we took a picnic blanket, a camera and some greasy, yummy food to the Camelia Gardens in Miranda.  It is the most beautiful spot, and you really forget that you are in the middle of the shire and minutes from a main road.  The gardens are so beautifully kept and there are lots of little lush spots to go and explore. Oh, and there are so many ducks!!! Which entertained Gus and his cousins, Ava and Mia to no end.

We met up with Granny and Granda (aka Mum and Dad, Ross and Meg) and the two most beautiful girls in the world, fed the ducks, had much needed coffee and Gus even had his first slide down the slippery dip.

Here are some snaps of our afternoon……

P.S – I could take photos of these 3 cutie pie bubbas all day long.

We had the best afternoon!  If you live in the shire, or are visiting, spend an afternoon, or a morning for that matter in the gardens.  I’m going to spend more time there for sure!

Love Lil xx

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First Family Trip : Port Arthur

Two weeks ago our little family crossed the Tasman Sea and had a lovely holiday (more like mini break) in Tasmania.  We were super excited to take Gus on his first plane ride, and he was a superstar as usual and slept the whole way down on Daddy’s lap.  
Tasmania is beautiful! I always had this picture in my head of what Tasmania would look like (kinda like England/a Rain Forest) and was surprised when we arrived how dry it was. We spent the first day in Hobart. (was quite bummed that we arrived on the Sunday and missed the world famous Salamanca Markets,Love me a market!!!) We walked around, had a fabulous brunch in Salamanca and went to bed super early cause this little family had been up since 4.30am.

We got up Monday morning, picked up the hire car and headed down to Port Arthur.  I have wanted to see Port Arthur since I was a little girl.  Ever since we learnt about Port Arthur in Primary School I have wanted to see the ruins and houses that scatter the coastline.  And We weren’t disappointed! 
We spent close to 8 hours soaking up the history and stories.  It has to be one of the best places I have ever been too and Ross and I are already planning a second trip down there so we can go on the nightly Ghost Tour.  (thanks Granny and Granda in advance for looking after Gus 🙂 )

Here is just a few photos of the amazing day we had…..

We can’t wait to go back and explore more of the beautiful, rugged island.

Where has your favourite holiday destination been?

Love Lil xx

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Gus’s first christmas tree!

So…It’s Gus’s first christmas and we are so excited about it!  Throw in the mix that we have just bought our first home and are about to move (a whole other blog post) we decided to leave the big, and I mean big christmas tree until the new house and just set up this little one.  Gus didn’t seem to mind though and loved the twinkly lights and shiny ornaments!
We are also without a tripod at the moment so these photos are taken from the camera sitting on top of a speaker 🙂

Gussy putting the star on top!
A family pic

And my favourite family photo so far!

We hope that you are all enjoying the holiday season so far!…..Only 3 weeks to go 🙂

Love Us xx

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