And then you were five…

Dear Angus,

I don’t know if you will ever read this,  You are only 5 after all.   Five.  I can’t believe it.  I remember laying in the hospital bed, just you and I with the sunlight streaming in.  You were only one day old and I don’t hink I have ever felt so content and so happy.

You had a rough start and gave your Daddy and I quite a scare, but you came out screaming and healthy.  Spikey black hair, that button nose and mummy’s mouth.  We loved you so.  You have changed our lives in a million different ways.

Gus you are SO smart, probably too smart for your own good.  You are funny and goofy.  You love gaming.  You are a bit of a geek but its so cute.  Right now you love Star Wars, Lego, Avengers and Mr Bean.  Oh and you adore your little brother (even though you will deny it in a few years time) You love a good hug and still sneak into our Bed whenever you can.

G Bug we love you SO much!!  We can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring.  Thank you for choosing us to be your parents.

Below is a little glimpse into your last five years………
























Happy Birthday to our little Super Gus!

 Love Mummy and Daddy xxx







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The One Fine Baby Event

Last Saturday, after chilling out for a bit too long (coffee, pyjamas etc) I made a split second decision to get on the train and head in to the Sydney Technology Park to go to the One Fine Baby event, and I’m so so glad we did!  It kept us out of the cold for like 4 hours, Gus got to meet Peppa and Dorothy and Sam (he was the 2nd yellow wiggle for a while), and most importantly got to see (and buy) some AMAZING independent and handmade vendors.  It was so refreshing to be in a place where everyone was interested in the same decor and ideas and fashion that I am!  
Lots of creative types and families.
It was fantastic!  I kept some of the vendors cards.  They are inspiring in themselves.
It is no secret that I want to move into the online world and I’m in the process of setting up my own shopfront, so meeting and talking to so many people that are already ‘living the dream’ was definitely and eye opener.  I’m just itching to really get into it.
That’s what I came home with.  I’m surprised that the above where all that came home with me as I seriously could have bought 
one of absolutely everything.  It was all THAT good!
These wall decals are from This Little Love. We are totally inspired to re-do Gus’s room and these will just be the icing on the cake!
I could not not get this tee from Infancy.  I love it, Gus loves it.  We’re all happy!
The laundry bag is also from Infancy.  A pop of neon for Gus’s room AND a place for his dirty clothes. 
(we are into the I want to change myself faze so lots of clothes)
I LOVE this Maisy book from The Super Cool. Gus has already started to use it while we all have dinner, and he will actually 
sit with us 
until we have all finished, just doodling away!
Pretty cute, huh?
I finally got my hand on one of these.  I have been loving from afar for a long time now.  I haven’t figured out what to store in it yet.  
But it’s kind of awesome all by itself!

Below is a few snaps of what we got up to while we were there.  I would recommend this event to anyone who is pregnant 
or has young kids or bubs.  Everyone in the family was entertained and Gus got to go on TWO trains, so little boy’s day made!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!  We are off to a Scottish Kaylee tonight!
My FIL is the drum major in the Sydney Thistles Pipe Band.  They are so much fun.
Lot’s of dancing and laughing and being proud of our Scottish heritage, and my FIL cause he kind of rocks on the drums!

Love Lil xx

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Life Lately

So if you can’t tell from the photo dump above.  July is birthday month in the Culbert household!  Angus turned 3 and husband turned…….as he put it twenty eleven.
We celebrated with balloons, donuts and a little pirate on Gus’s day and with family on Ross’s. (and a party hat Gruffalo.  a new obbsession in this house)  ‘terrible teeth in his terrible jaws’ ha!

A bit of a look at what I do at my day job. Love me a good day of merchandising!

That’s my bestie up there.  Doing what she does best.  Being fabulous!

We celebrated our bestie’s housewarming yesterday.  They are officially homeowners!
Woohoo!  So proud of them.  That’s the four of us.  In 2008.  Looking all young and stuff.

And, I got to enjoy the rareness which is the bug falling asleep on me.  Love, love love!
Little snores.  (insert heart bursting)

Looking forward to a new week! How about you?

Love Lil xx 

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Yep, it was a week ago……….Our Easter Sunday

Oh, these four!!! They just make the world go round and Easter a lot more fun!

The chocolate highs, the squeals of excitement, the running, the jumping laughing and more squealing!  

Our easter sunday was low key and fantastic.  Spending it with our fabulous family. 
We are so lucky that our Bug gets to grow up with his cousins.  I hope that they still hug each other hello and good bye when they are teenagers and way to cool to be doing that sort of thing.

Hope your easter break was all kinds of awesome and you are enjoying the Anzac break too.   Lest We Forget.

Love Lil xx

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The one where we go to the Australian Museum

This was Gus at the museum, like the whole time!  We were so excited to take him to see the Dinosaurs!  We had it all planned out.  He would run around, pointing at all the different types of skeletons, calling them all Buddy and Tiny (Dinosaur Train) and we could get some cute pics and he would LOVE it………..FAIL.

Gus was so excited on the train (sorry, ‘Mumma it’s Dinosaur Train’) eating his little donut treat and pointing things out to Ross on the way.  He chatted to us and pointed to us some more on the walk through Hyde Park, but as soon as we entered those grand old doors of the Museum….ZZZZZZZZ.  Out like a light.
Usually Ross and I do a happy dance when Gus naps, but the one day we are jumping out of our skin excited to take him somewhere new?  He crashes.

I haven’t been to the Australian Museum since a school trip back in the early 90s.  And you know what?  It hasn’t changed.  Ross and I walked around with Mr Sleepy sleeperson for 2 whole hours.  We got to see skeletons and rocks and stuffed birds.  I’m usually a massive museum girl.  Like I’m the boring one that looks at everything and reads every description.
But even I couldn’t get into it.  The cafe saved us for the last hour with lattes and banana bread.

Finally the bug woke from his slumber and we practically raced up to the second floor so Gus could witness the wonder of the Dinosaurs.  First thing he sees, a stuffed Sabertooth Tiger and he screams and I mean SCREAMS the place down.  He spent the rest of our visit clinging to either Ross or I with his head in our necks. 

Here’s a few grainy iphone photos of our ‘interesting’ time at the Museum.

^Just in case I forget what a funnel web looks like over summer! (scaredy cat mum)^

The rest of our afternoon was awesome though, I have to admit.  We strolled down to the Opera House, realised it was way too touristy and then wandered around the Rocks markets for a few hours.  Oh, how I love a good market!  So many great stalls and I also got to enjoy a Rock’s market institution, Corn on the cob on a stick!  Yum, yum buttery, salty goodness!

Gus got to ride on the Dinosaur Train again (city rail) and made friends with pretty much any passenger that sat near us on the way home.  God did he crash that night though, a sign of a successful day out for any 2 year old.

Oh and here is a pic of Gus as a tiger, cause its adorable any way you look at it!

Did you ever have plans in your head that didn’t quite turn out the way you thought they would?

Love Lil xx

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What my iphone saw

Just a few iphone (and instagram) snaps from the last month or so.  My window display and customer wall from work are there, my NEW CAR too.  My gorgeous boys and my family (would you look at my nieces and nephew!) 

After scrolling through these pics I know for sure that my Gus is a HAM!  Oh, and my boys look SOOO much like each other!

Love Lil xx

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A million years ago it seems, when I first found out we were having a boy, the only disappointment I felt (every other part of my was jumping for joy!) was that I was going to miss out on the never ending choice and cuteness that is little girls fashion.

Well, you know what?  After nearly 2 years of dressing my little dude I can safely say that dressing a boy is AWESOME!!!  No, there aren’t the trillions of colour choices of little frilly leggings and dresses and headbands. Instead I have realised that  Boys clothes are cool and funky and edgy.

I have really enjoyed shopping for Gus in preparation for Winter and thought that I would share some of my favourite finds so far.  And they are all cheap and cheerful!

One: Moustache print Sweatshirt from Mango.  (Best and Less)  An amazing $8.00.

Two: Sock Monkey Beanie and Glove set from Kmart.  $9.00.  Oh my goodness Gus just looks the cutest in this!

Three:  Elroy Jetson Print Sweat from Cotton ON Kids. $29.92.  A bit pricier but I just couldn’t go past the print and colour.  Plus Elroy was always my favourite on the Jetsons!

Four:  Print Leggings from Bonds. (Big W) $13.92.  I can’t wait to pair these with a vintage tee and his high top connies.

Five:  Green High Top Converse $40 (from the Converse Store at Birkenhead Point).  I know, a lot to spend on kid’s shoes when they grow out of them in seconds, but these were on special and they are high tops and Converse.  I know it is all about the moccasin these days, but give me an all star any day!

What have been some of your favourite finds for your littles?  I would love to know!

Love Lil xx

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Our Great Friday

I know that all easter posts are pretty much done and dusted, but I’m going to share a few pics from our good friday. (Also known as sleep in, lounge around, eat carbs day)

\ Required selfie on the drive, cause I had straight hair and the moment needed to be captured! \
\ After sleeping in, playing with toys, watching some Wiggles we headed down to the Woronora River to have our Vegetarian meal (It was good friday after all) my boys waiting for said meal to be cooked. \

\ Our feast for the day!  Potato, Potato and more potato!  And some coke thrown in for good measure.  Health nuts we are not. //

// Not a shabby view for our carb feast! //
\ We then headed to the airport for some plane watching and Krispy Kreme Coffee (we vote them the best for take away coffees) Husband and Gus watch planes, Mama checks Instagram. \
\ Polka dot maxi skirt also needed to be documented.  This face needed to be captured too.\
\ My big boy xx \
\ Trying to get a perfect ‘Thelma and Louise’.  Failing \
\ My favourite.  My loves.\
Gosh it was nice to spend the day doing nothing.  Eating, laughing and being together.
I hope that you got to do the same!
Love Lil xx
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My Loves

These two.   They are so alike.  They are adventurous and cheeky and have the kind of smiles that light up their whole face.  
They are the best of mates.  How wonderful it is to watch them together, with their own secret father/son language. 

I’m just the luckiest girl cause they’re mine.
Love Lil xx
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Smells like Christmas

For the first time since I was a little girl, there is the smell of fresh pine wafting through the house.  We decided on a real tree this year.  As soon as we walked into the underground real tree shop (aka Underground car park under Coles) We were both instantly taken back to our childhoods.  It’s so funny how smells do that!  She is beautiful and fresh and all ours!

Gus has already started to ‘get’ Christmas.  He knows how to place ornaments on the tree and then drop them to the floor in quick succession.  And he loved boogieing to Michael Buble’s christmas album while we finished the tree.

This is our first christmas in our place and it felt really lovely to dress her up.  Here are a few shots…..

I am so excited for Christmas this year.  Working in retail sometimes takes the joy out of the season.  But I can’t wait to see Gus’s sweet face light up when he sees what’s under that paper and ribbon!  

Only 7 sleeps to go! What are your plans for Chrissy?  Hopefully lots of food and pressies and family and laughter.

Love Lil xx

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