Hawaii Trip 2016 – Day One


Obligatory shoe shot at the airport.  I might have been feeding a hungry baby and sitting on the dirty airport floor but I didn’t care cause we were going to HAWAII!!

After months of planning and checking expedia every second day for sight seeing ideas we were off.  Were we crazy for taking a 5 year old and a 5 month old half way around the world for 8 days?  Only time would tell………….Ha!  We were SO excited!


All I can say is thank goodness we had a lovely lady give up her seat in her row so we could have a bit of stretch out room.  The boys were awesome pants and slept most of the way and if they weren’t sleeping or eating they were watching movies.  Check out the concentration on H’s face 🙂


Hours in and still smiling!

We made it!! We were tired and Hot, oh so Hot.  We dropped our bags off at our hotel and went a wandering.  Only took us about an hour to find the largest outdoor mall in the world.  How very Culbert of us!








The breeze on that rooftop bus was AMAZING, as was our first day in Hawaii! It was how I always imagined it and more.  Lots of palm trees, sunshine, blue skies and clear ocean.  and an ABC store on every corner.  We really grew to love those.

After an early dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen we all fell into bed.  Tired, Sunkissed and happy.

Day Two coming soon,

Love Lil xx


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