Quick and Easy Acai Bowl Recipe


I know, I know…………..totally late to the Acai Bowl Party.  I tried my first bowl of Acai goodness only a week ago and I’m in love!

Healthy, Tasty and Moorish all in one bowl?  I needed to know how to re-create it, and it is SO easy and SO Quick.

Is this my new breakie go to, I think so!!

Here is the recipe that I kind of made up and as long as you have the ingredients you can chop and change them to suit your tastes and appetite.

Quick and Easy Acai Bowl Recipe

1 Tbsp of Acai Powder.  (I got mine from Priceline)

1/2 cup of frozen raspberries

1/2 cup of frozen blackberries

1/2 cup of milk

1 frozen banana

Chopped Strawberries

Chopped Banana

Toasted Museli or Granola

Add Acai Powder, raspberries, blackberries, milk and bananas into a blender and blitz and blend until smooth.

Pour into your favourite bowl and top with the Strawberries, Banana and Granola (Plus any other fruit or crunchieness you want to add).

Grab a spoon and enjoy!



I have also discovered that the Acai berry has heaps of health benefits!  I would have kept eating it anyway if it had none!

  1.  Heart Health – They lower cholesterol levels and increase blood circulation.
  2. They fight off harmful organisms
  3. Help to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight
  4. Promotes Skin Health
  5. Helps Digestion
  6. Reduces irritation
  7. Improves Cellular Health
  8. They are an Immune Booster
  9. They have ant-aging effects (Whoohoo)
  10. They provide and Energy Boost
  11. And lastly they improve mental function!

The bowl is like a win win of yummy goodness!!


Love Lil x

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