So……………………………………………………That’s us, in Times Square!

After falling in into bed at 2.30 this morning we all got to sleep.  And I mean sleep.  We woke up today at 2pm.  I’m hoping that we have now kicked jet lag in the arse and the rest of the trip will be on U.S time.
We stepped out of the hotel at about 3.30 and headed straight on down to Times Square guided by the neon.  So much neon and flash guys, and noise and steam coming out of the potholes.  We felt like we were on a movie set.  Today was all about exploring the neighbourhood we are staying in,  Midtown.  Times Square is a 4 minute walk from our Hotel.  First stop was Starbucks.  I haven’t had a lot of coffee in the U.S yet but Starbucks is the best by far.  Every other cup I have had is bitter and not the best.  So U.S tip No. 1 tip so far is just go to Starbucks if you are a coffee lover like we are.

Made some of our shopping dreams come true!  H+M.   There are no words.  And Forever 21.  We made Gus’s dreams come true by going to Toys R Us.  A Whole aisle of Imaginex toys!  He was in heaven and wanted every, single, one.  

We had such a great first day!  It was freezing, a bit confusing and overwhelming but every second we were in awe of this Amazing City.  Tomorrow is our big touristy day.  Empire State Building I’m looking at you.

A few photos below if you would like to see how our first day as temporary New Yorkers went.      

Love Lil xx

P.S – totally cried like a baby when we drove over a hill and saw the Manhattan skyline last night.   We are just the luckiest three right now.

P.P.S – That ‘Russ’ coffee cup slays me.  ‘Did you say Russ Ma’am ?’ Hahaha

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