Hawaii Trip 2016 – Day One


Obligatory shoe shot at the airport.  I might have been feeding a hungry baby and sitting on the dirty airport floor but I didn’t care cause we were going to HAWAII!!

After months of planning and checking expedia every second day for sight seeing ideas we were off.  Were we crazy for taking a 5 year old and a 5 month old half way around the world for 8 days?  Only time would tell………….Ha!  We were SO excited!


All I can say is thank goodness we had a lovely lady give up her seat in her row so we could have a bit of stretch out room.  The boys were awesome pants and slept most of the way and if they weren’t sleeping or eating they were watching movies.  Check out the concentration on H’s face 🙂


Hours in and still smiling!

We made it!! We were tired and Hot, oh so Hot.  We dropped our bags off at our hotel and went a wandering.  Only took us about an hour to find the largest outdoor mall in the world.  How very Culbert of us!








The breeze on that rooftop bus was AMAZING, as was our first day in Hawaii! It was how I always imagined it and more.  Lots of palm trees, sunshine, blue skies and clear ocean.  and an ABC store on every corner.  We really grew to love those.

After an early dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen we all fell into bed.  Tired, Sunkissed and happy.

Day Two coming soon,

Love Lil xx


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Quick and Easy Acai Bowl Recipe


I know, I know…………..totally late to the Acai Bowl Party.  I tried my first bowl of Acai goodness only a week ago and I’m in love!

Healthy, Tasty and Moorish all in one bowl?  I needed to know how to re-create it, and it is SO easy and SO Quick.

Is this my new breakie go to, I think so!!

Here is the recipe that I kind of made up and as long as you have the ingredients you can chop and change them to suit your tastes and appetite.

Quick and Easy Acai Bowl Recipe

1 Tbsp of Acai Powder.  (I got mine from Priceline)

1/2 cup of frozen raspberries

1/2 cup of frozen blackberries

1/2 cup of milk

1 frozen banana

Chopped Strawberries

Chopped Banana

Toasted Museli or Granola

Add Acai Powder, raspberries, blackberries, milk and bananas into a blender and blitz and blend until smooth.

Pour into your favourite bowl and top with the Strawberries, Banana and Granola (Plus any other fruit or crunchieness you want to add).

Grab a spoon and enjoy!



I have also discovered that the Acai berry has heaps of health benefits!  I would have kept eating it anyway if it had none!

  1.  Heart Health – They lower cholesterol levels and increase blood circulation.
  2. They fight off harmful organisms
  3. Help to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight
  4. Promotes Skin Health
  5. Helps Digestion
  6. Reduces irritation
  7. Improves Cellular Health
  8. They are an Immune Booster
  9. They have ant-aging effects (Whoohoo)
  10. They provide and Energy Boost
  11. And lastly they improve mental function!

The bowl is like a win win of yummy goodness!!


Love Lil x

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And then you were five…

Dear Angus,

I don’t know if you will ever read this,  You are only 5 after all.   Five.  I can’t believe it.  I remember laying in the hospital bed, just you and I with the sunlight streaming in.  You were only one day old and I don’t hink I have ever felt so content and so happy.

You had a rough start and gave your Daddy and I quite a scare, but you came out screaming and healthy.  Spikey black hair, that button nose and mummy’s mouth.  We loved you so.  You have changed our lives in a million different ways.

Gus you are SO smart, probably too smart for your own good.  You are funny and goofy.  You love gaming.  You are a bit of a geek but its so cute.  Right now you love Star Wars, Lego, Avengers and Mr Bean.  Oh and you adore your little brother (even though you will deny it in a few years time) You love a good hug and still sneak into our Bed whenever you can.

G Bug we love you SO much!!  We can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring.  Thank you for choosing us to be your parents.

Below is a little glimpse into your last five years………
























Happy Birthday to our little Super Gus!

 Love Mummy and Daddy xxx







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The New and Improved Splendid Things

So I lied in my last post.   That post was in March.  I am finally sitting down to write after 4 months.  The blog has had a makeover and our family gained a new addition!

Our beautiful boy Henry Thomas Culbert was born on the 11th of May.  He is both a spitting image of his brother and completely different and his own little person.

We are besotted.  And we are complete.

He had a bit of a bumpy start to life but is now thriving and nice and chubby just the way I like.






So now that we are in the beginning of a routine, I can put a bit more focus on this neglected old space.  I have planned a whole new direction for this blog.  There will still be family updates.  Sharing what we are up to, where we are going.  Our love of travel.  But I also really want to use it to share my love of interiors, fashion and what I do for a living, Styling.  Splendidly Styled is still in it’s infancy but please watch this space for updates 🙂

Welcome back if you have been following The Splendid Things and Welcome if you are just visiting for the first time.

I can’t wait to share my passions with you

Love Lil xx

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And……..Over a Year Later

What a neglected little space you are!  Last time we met we were in Washington DC enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.  So much has happened over the last year.  
I thought about opening up the laptop and tapping away at the keys almost every day but something always got in the way.  Life really.
Why come back you ask?  
Well something pretty exciting is happening over here at Splendid Things HQ.  We are expecting Baby No. 2 in just 9 short weeks!
We are all so thrilled and can’t wait to meet our new little bug.  I swear things have gone a lot slower this time round and 9 weeks feel like forever away. (but of course it will be here before we all know it)

So there will be new baby to share, 4 and a half year old Gus to watch become a big brother and  hopefully lots of Splendid Things to discover together.  I think even husband will be joining up for a post or two 🙂

It feels so good to be back and I can’t wait to share more of our little life through this space.

Much Love

Lil x

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Getting from New York to Washington took the best part of 2 days with stopovers in Philadelphia and Lancaster.  We hopped on a train at Penn station. (handy tip if you are ever traveling regionally in the US, find a red cap man.  They will take you straight down to the train, handle all your luggage, get you a great seat before any of the other passengers board, and all for a small tip.  So great)  The trip took about an hour and a half. It was cool to see the countryside (the bits that weren’t covered in snow) and the towns and cities in-between New York and Philly.   It was straight into a cab after getting to Philly(wind chill was -10) and up to our hotel room.  We used this night where we were stuck in the hotel to have dinner and do Laundry.  So much laundry guys.  How do 3 people make so much dirty washing? 

 Anyhoo…………. Gus and I used this time to take very serious selfies and super hero poses in front of the dryer.

We were in Philly till about 4pm the next day.  I have never been so cold in my life.  It got so bad at one stage that we had to take a screaming Gus into the Macy’s entry just so we could warm him up and calm him down.  Surfeit to say we didn’t see much of Philly at all but were able to brave the Arctic winds long enough to see where the Declaration of Independence was signed in Independence Hall.  We were 3 happy Culberts when we signed for our rental car and were enjoying the heater on our way to Lancaster PA.

Lancaster is the most idyllic town.  I would love to see it during Spring or Summer but it was still absolutely beautiful under the layers of snow and ice.  We stayed at Amish View Inns just outside Lancaster and our views in the morning were White Amish Farmhouses and ploughed fields.  The hotel room was INSANE! Four poster bed, huge lounge room area and a SPA, which I indulged in as soon as I could.  We were treated to a farm style Amish buffet breakfast next to the fire in the Main room before we headed off on our way to DC. (behind an Amish Horse and Buggy for a few kms!) I really wish that we had spent more time in Lancaster but we were in a race with the Arctic Winds to get to Washington before the snow storm set in.  The last photo is snow being blown every which way on the highway.
We arrived in DC about 7pm, safe and sound.  It’s been freezing, but also AMAZING!
I’ll share more tomorrow.  

Love Lil xx

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 Central Park.  We heart you.  What a special and magical place you are.  These are a few hours we will never forget.  The Park really is a sanctuary within the sirens, and the honks.  
As soon as you walk in, all becomes quiet and everything slows down a little bit.

We strolled around, sipped hot coffee, took way too many photos of the friendly squirrels that scampered around the hot nut carts that are scattered around the park. (seriously they are not afraid of people at all)  We had been in the park for about 15 minutes when it started to snow. Slow little flakes at first and then faster and fatter and fluffier.  The wind died down and it was just the snow, falling and settling on our gloves and beanies, Gus even had some in his eyelashes!  It was really a catch your breath kind of moment.  I just stood there, arms outstretched, staring up at the sky, watching it fall down.  Seriously Top 5 Life Moment right there.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking, I hope they convey just how amazing this Park is. So so so lucky to be able to experience it with my loves.

Love Lil xx

P.S – If anyone ever asks if going to New York in Winter is worth it,  I would say yes.  Yes Just to experience THIS!

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This building lives up to the hype!!  From it’s art deco lobby to the 86th floor it is pure magic.  I think that we went just at the right time too about 5.30pm so we got to witness the sun setting over the New York Skyline.  It is great to see how far the city spreads because down on the ground you feel like you are in your own little world.
Can’t wait to explore more!

Love Lil xx

P.S – my hands have never been so cold in my life as they were up on the 86th floor.
P.P.S – This might just be my new favourite picture of the three of us.  Lucky, Lucky ducks!

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Sorry about the break in posts but jet lag reared it’s ugly head again last night.  We were all in bed by 9.30pm and didn’t think about getting up until after 10.  Starting to get into the swing of things as a New Yorker (ha!) though.  If you want a decent size cup of coffee but don’t want to drink a gallon ask for a Grande.  Tipping is scaled by service so if it’s awesome it’s 20% if it’s average 10%.  It is always warmer when it is snowing. Why?
No wind.  Anyway, I digress.  Yesterday was our big touristy day.    After grabbing a Coffee and Chocolate croissant we jumped on the subway Line 1 down to South Ferry.  The Subway was efficient and quick but a little dirty and hard to navigate especially with a stroller.  Still a better way than driving.  I can’t imagine anything worse than driving through the main streets of the city.  Digressing again blah blah.

As soon as you step out at South Ferry you are bombarded with Hecklers trying to sell you trips on boats to see the statue.  I kid you not we were asked about 20 times .  Once you get past the swarm it’s straight onto the Staten Island Ferry.  Free as a bird.  It is regimented.  You all stand in front of two big doors and then shuffle through onto the ferry like cattle.  We got really great seats on the top level and before we knew it we were on our way to see the prettiest green lady in all the land.  Gus slept through the entire thing, waking up just as we were about to dock.  I have to say I had exactly the same feeling as when I first saw the Manhattan skyline, a gulp in my throat and a tear in my eye.  
Lady Liberty really is a beauty!  Smaller than what you think (I think it’s all the movies we watch) but still stops you in your tracks.  You can’t take your eyes off her.

After ticking off a bucket list item we headed up past Wall Street and onto the Freedom Tower and the 911 Memorial Museum.  It was sombre, in your face and conveyed just how real that day was and how it still effects the NY community.

What a great day!  One of the best!  I feel like I need to continually be pinched to remind me that what we are experiencing, seeing, smelling, tasting is real!

Photo dump below if you want to check it out.

Part 2 coming tomorrow.  Another Bucket Item List ticked off!

Love Lil xx

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So……………………………………………………That’s us, in Times Square!

After falling in into bed at 2.30 this morning we all got to sleep.  And I mean sleep.  We woke up today at 2pm.  I’m hoping that we have now kicked jet lag in the arse and the rest of the trip will be on U.S time.
We stepped out of the hotel at about 3.30 and headed straight on down to Times Square guided by the neon.  So much neon and flash guys, and noise and steam coming out of the potholes.  We felt like we were on a movie set.  Today was all about exploring the neighbourhood we are staying in,  Midtown.  Times Square is a 4 minute walk from our Hotel.  First stop was Starbucks.  I haven’t had a lot of coffee in the U.S yet but Starbucks is the best by far.  Every other cup I have had is bitter and not the best.  So U.S tip No. 1 tip so far is just go to Starbucks if you are a coffee lover like we are.

Made some of our shopping dreams come true!  H+M.   There are no words.  And Forever 21.  We made Gus’s dreams come true by going to Toys R Us.  A Whole aisle of Imaginex toys!  He was in heaven and wanted every, single, one.  

We had such a great first day!  It was freezing, a bit confusing and overwhelming but every second we were in awe of this Amazing City.  Tomorrow is our big touristy day.  Empire State Building I’m looking at you.

A few photos below if you would like to see how our first day as temporary New Yorkers went.      

Love Lil xx

P.S – totally cried like a baby when we drove over a hill and saw the Manhattan skyline last night.   We are just the luckiest three right now.

P.P.S – That ‘Russ’ coffee cup slays me.  ‘Did you say Russ Ma’am ?’ Hahaha

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